When I was a teenager, I had a girls Christian magazine called Brio to help me along. My dream was to work at Brio, helping girls everywhere try to stay on the right track and being understanding when they went off course. I thought things were tough when I was in high school but then I hit college and it was a whole different ball game. I didn’t make some of the wisest choices but I definitely learned and had great mentors to help me along the way. One of the reasons it was pretty tough was because I didn’t have my magazine. Once I started college the magazine just ended. No goodbyes, no heads up, no nothing. And to this day I still don’t know why. Probably funding I’m assuming. Once that magazine ended, my dreams began. I got my degree in Communication Arts and now I’m going for Photography and here I am! Writing this lovely blog for women everywhere.

I will be adding writers along the way, the more followers we get. My goal is to get this blog big enough to make a magazine. It’s aimed at high school and college girls trying to live a life for Christ or if you’re just interested. I am 21 and (hopefully) about to get my Bachelor’s within this next year so I have either gone through or am going through it. I currently have one other writer, Whitney, who is one of my mentors. She is the godly mother of two and a fabulous wife so she will be covering a couple of areas I am not well versed in. If you guys ever have any questions or need prayer for anything please feel free to let us know!

We are here for you!

Just to clarify the sidebar so it’s a little easier to navigate:

  • Let’s Get Real- Devotionals
  • Modesty’s Policy- Fashion
  • Rat’s Nest- Hair
  • Not Yet Rated- Movies, Books, Music, etc.
  • Peas and Carrots- Health and Fitness
  • Open Book- Miscellaneous

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